Terms & Conditions

All Contracts require a Non-Refundable Deposit. All contracts are required to be paid in full 30 days prior to the scheduled date of the job. This means all balances must be paid in full at least 30 days prior to the scheduled date of your event. Prior to 30 days of scheduled date of the job, balances may be paid by Cash, Personal Check, Bank Check, Certified Check, or by an accepted Credit Card. Within 30 days of a scheduled job, payments must be made in the form of Cash, Bank Check, Certified Check, or Credit Card; no personal checks will be accepted at this time.  There is no fee for your first Credit Card Transaction; any and all future credit card transactions for your event will be charged a 3% convenience fee per transaction.

What is allowed in a Camelot Vehicle?
SMOKING is never allowed in any of Camelot’s vehicles, neither are any controlled substances or illegal drugs. Smoking in a Limousine, Taxi, or any For-Hire vehicle is actually against the law; according to NYS Public Health Law Section 1399-0 Article 13E. Also, while inside of a Camelot vehicle it is never okay to allow anyone under the age of 21 to consume any form of alcoholic beverages. Please remember, “If it is illegal outside the vehicle, then it is illegal inside the vehicle!” Acceptable and mature behavior (No horse-playing or fighting) is expected of all passengers in the vehicle. This allows the driver to concentrate on operating the vehicle. Hanging out of windows, moon roofs, opening doors, or throwing any type of items and/or trash out of the vehicle is strictly prohibited. Any of the above listed actions can result in immediate termination of the night with no refund.  Camelot Limos is not responsible for any lost, damaged, or forgotten property and/or personal belongings.

Camelot Specialty Limos is very proud of our fleet of Antique Vehicles, and we take great pride in the condition we keep them in. Although our Antique Vehicles are constantly subjected to Preventive Maintenance Inspections and repairs, please keep in mind that some of our Antique Vehicles are as old as 67 years, which is what makes them desired antiques! Therefore, Camelot reserves the right to send a substitute vehicle, at Camelot’s discretion, for any Antique Vehicle job in the following situations: (1) Antique Vehicle is taken out of service due to mechanical or technical problems, (2) Inclement weather such as Snow, Sleet, Hail, Icy Roads, excessive rain storms, etc. All of Camelot’s vehicles are subjected to preventive maintenance inspections, but these vehicles are machines and all machines sometimes encounter problems. Fortunately with Camelot Vehicles these problems are very rare due to our rigorous preventive maintenance inspections; but Camelot does reserve the right to send a substitute vehicle for any job booked in the event your scheduled vehicle is taken out of service due to mechanical or technical problems. All of Camelot’s vehicles are rated to carry a maximum number of passengers, the maximum number for your vehicle should be stated on your contract in the box “NO. OF PASSENGERS,” and/or on your Customer Trip Sheet, which is emailed to you, in the box “# of Pax,” if it is not and you are unsure of the number of people allowed in your vehicle, please ask a Camelot representative before the day of your event. Drivers will only permit the maximum number of passengers allowed in the vehicle, NO EXCEPTIONS! This maximum number is given to us by the vehicle manufacturer for the safety of all passengers, including the driver; and is enforced by federal, state, and local authorities.

Cancellations are not valid over the phone. They must be in writing and signed by the person named on the contract, and they must be hand delivered, mailed, faxed, or a scanned signed copy emailed to Camelot Limos. If you cancel this contract at any time you are required to pay the entire remaining balance stated in the contract to Camelot Specialty Limos, Inc. There are no refunds for canceled jobs, and/or cancellations due to inclement weather and/or acts of God.

Credit Cards:
A credit card is required to be listed on all contracts. By signing the “Credit Card Authorization” listed on your contract, you authorize Camelot Limos to charge the credit card listed on your contract for the amount listed. You also authorize Camelot Limos to charge the credit card for any and all Over-Time, if any, which may incur on the day of your event. The rate in which Over-Time is charged is listed on the contract next to the vehicle in the box “O.T. per Hour This Car.” All Camelot vehicles are equipped with GPS Tracking Systems which give recorded detailed reports of dates, times, and exact locations of all vehicles at all times. These Tracking Systems will be used to determine if any Over-Time has occurred. You also authorize Camelot Limos to charge the credit card for any damages to the vehicle which may occur as a result of inappropriate behavior by any passengers in the vehicle the day of your event. Also, a $250.00 cleaning/detailing fee will be charged to the credit card if any passenger or passengers vomit and/or create an unusual mess in the vehicle due to inappropriate behavior.

Alcoholic Beverages are never permitted in a Camelot vehicle on Prom night, even if there is a passenger who is 21 years or older in the vehicle. If any form of alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, or controlled substances is found in the vehicle or on any of the passengers, the ride will be immediately terminated with absolutely No Refund. Also, intoxicated passengers apparently under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be permitted in the vehicle, and will be asked to leave the vehicle if already inside. The privacy partition must stay in the down position at all times.