Thursday, April 15, 2010

Coach Rich with Pre-Game Warm-Ups

Team Huddle

Camelot Knights take the field!

Sydney scoops up a rocket, while Madison runs to cover 1st base!

Leo & Sean take their positions!

Andrew adjusts his mitt, and Samantha is baseball ready!

Andrew, JJ, and Madison are baseball ready!

Andrew & JJ spring into action, while Robby backs them up!

Coach Joe & Madison discuss strategy!

Leo & Matthew take the field!

Hang in there Sydney, we’ll come back!

Samantha & JJ discuss strategy!

JJ & Andrew dive for a shot ripped down the 1st base line! Matt, Samantha, and Madison back them up, while Sydney waits for the throw at 1st base!

Good Stance JJ!

Sean makes a diving attempt, Samantha & Madison assist!

Coach Joe is in the way!

Number 10!

Good Sportsmanship!!!


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