Camelot In Action – Page 6

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Happy Bride & Groom @ Riviera at Massapequa! (1965 Princess Rolls Royce)


Having Some Laughs!!! (1966 Princess Rolls Royce)


Holiday Season Wedding with the 1947 Cadillac!


It’s Time to Go Get Married!


It’s Time! (1966 Princess Rolls Royce)


I’ve got you Princess!


Joe Palumbo waits outside while the Bride & Groom say I DO!!!


Joe Palumbo with Sylvia Weinstock @ Bridal Show in Manhattan


Just had to stop for some Double D!


Night Shots with CAMELOT2 (1966 Princess Rolls Royce)


Pictures at Jericho Terrace


Pictures @ the Planting Fields (1965 Rolls Royce)


Pictures in the Park with my 1965 Rolls!!!


Riding with my Bridal Party, on the Black Party Bus!


Taking Pictures @ Fort Totten; Bayside, Queens. (Cadillac Escalade 20 pass.)


This Hummer Rocks!


We did it! Having a Drink in CAMELOT2


We did it, let’s go party at the Coral House! (1965 Rolls Royce)


Wedding Party Enroute to Reception Hall


What A Shot!!!

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