Camelot In Action – Page 5

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Erin Biland’s Bridesmaids Outside Camelot’s Party Bus.


Frankie Popping the Champagne to congratulate the new Mr. & Mrs. John & Janis Paradiso, 4-24-10.


Camelot Driver Juan helps Erin with her Bouquet.


This Party Bus Rocks!


Laura Sorrentino’s Bachelorette Party, 05-01-10.


Jeff & Christine Kropacek with CAMELOT3, the 1947 Cadillac. January 6, 2010


The new Mr. & Mrs. Giapiero & Jennifer Pirreca withCamelot’s Phantom Rolls Royce & Cadillac Escalade 20 pass., in the courtyard of Oheka Castle, 4-25-10.


Camelot’s very own Jillian, taking a Camelot Navigator for a Night Out!!!


1966 Rolls Royce picks up Bride at La Quinta Hotel, let’s go get married!


A Simply Magical Moment!


Bride & Groom in CAMELOT1 (Navigator)


Bride & Groom with 1947 Cadillac taking pictures @ Jericho Terrace


Champagne Toast (1966 Princess Rolls Royce)


Cheers! In front of CAMELOT2 (1966 Rolls Royce)


Cheese! (1966 Princess Rolls Royce)


Daddy’s Little Princess!


Exiting the 1947 Cadillac, time to walk down the aisle!


Frankie Demonstrating the Phatom Rolls Royce Umbrella Holder, at a Bridal Show in Manhattan


Getting in My Escalade


Hanging out of the 1966 Princess Rolls Royce

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