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The New Mr. & Mrs. Chris & Michelle Semetis with Camelot’s Rolls Royce Phantom and Navigator, January 16, 2011.


The New Mr. & Mrs. Tony & Kim Scotti pose with Camelot’s Rolls Royce Phantom in front of St. Luke’s Church in Whitestone, Queens.


Chauffeur Ozzie waits outside the Church for the Bride & Groom, with Camelot’s 1947 Cadillac.


Rolls Royce Phantom in the parking lot of Marina del Rey in the Bronx. Arbertino’s Wedding, October 24, 2010.


1966 Rolls Royce performing a wedding for one of East Meadow’s Bravest!!! October 10, 2010.


The New Mr. & Mrs. Day & Adunni Afoladi Wedding, October 7, 2010.


The New Mr. & Mrs. Manny & Koula Sakatis Share a Kiss in front of St. Catherine’s in Astoria, October 3, 2010.


Megan & Her New Husband in front of the Coral House with Camelot’s 1965 Princess Rolls Royce, October 1, 2010.


Camelot’s Joe Palumbo & The Knot’s Carly Roney, Septmeber 29, 2010 at the Allegria Hotel in Long Beach. Carly Roney is the Editor in Chief of The Knot Magazine and one of the co-founders of The Knot.


Guerrero Wedding, Sunday September 26, 2010.


The New Mr. & Mrs. Carlos & Theresa Rodriguez, September 17, 2010, with Camelot’s 1965 Princess Rolls Royce.


The new Mr. & Mrs. Paul & Eleiny Tejada take pictures with their Rolls Royce Phantom (CAMLOT10) & 14 pass. Lincoln Navigator (CAMELOT6).


Riviera at Massapequa’s very own Banquet Manager, Michelle.


Dad gets ready to walk his Little Girl, Laura Sorrentino, down the aisle! June 5, 2010


Tollis Wedding


The Men Get Ready! Tollis Wedding


Camelot’s Frankie Pops the Champagne for a Bride & Groom!


The Champagne Toast!


Dad helping his Princess out of the Princess Rolls Royce!

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